The Heyday

by Stronger Than Sum

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released October 25, 2016

All songs written by Stronger Than Sum
Produced by Stronger Than Sum
Recording Engineer: Gabriel Bento
Mixing Engineer: Chris Kress
Mastering Engineer: Fred Kevorkian
Recorded at Water Music Studios in Hoboken, NJ.


tags: rock New York


all rights reserved


Stronger Than Sum New York, New York

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Track Name: Two Pianos
Look at my life, it moves slowly
Look at my life, it trots on and on
The world has plans for me, I promise dear
Look at my life as it falls apart

This path that we're on now leads to a certain doom
Unless we steer off course and realize it's about us two
Us two.
Oh, us two.
Track Name: She Says
She says I'm dead
But alive is what she meant
Her thoughts, her speech
Are running circles 'round my head
She says

Heartbeat waning
Pulse without a sound
Steady fading
Lasts breaths keep airing out
Airing out

Why would you say, why would you say
I've done better anyway
I'd like to think I've done better anyway

And while the words don't hurt
The sounds keep on spreading thin
Steady echoes reaching near and far
She kept alive what did me in
She did


I can't figure this one out.
I can't figure this one out... Oh, I
This out

Can't figure this one out
(Now I'm dead, I'm dead)
(She's running circles 'round my head)
She said

Track Name: What Do I Miss
What do I miss when I see you?
What do I miss when I see you?
What do I miss?
What do I miss?
What do I... miss?

The road is not paved
Clear direction
Less traveled

What makes a man
Break him down to the/his core

Love, it strangles me, it makes me high, it makes me cry, I want to die
It makes me fret, it makes me need, it builds me up, it makes me strive
To be the answer to your prayers
Track Name: From The Sea
The sun is out and you just stare
At that tree, there's nothing there
That compares, to a fresh breathe of air

Say your piece, and I'll say mine
Except mine will, be worth a dime
I'll sign my name, where's yours?

To find a way
To seize the spirit (of the heyday)
To find a way
To change our ways

I watch us all, 'come all the same
Though I know we're, not all the same
Where's the beauty in individuality?


I spent all night thinking "what can be?"
Not from the top, let's build from the sea
'Cause who I'm not is the man I want to be
Let's start with me


Listen up, all my friends
See the world through my eyes
It all starts inside
Track Name: Last Confession
Mornin' father, I come here weaponless
Thankful you're not merciless
I'm trying to repress the stress of my success
Mornin' father, it's been one week since my last confession

Hear me father, I'm here to refresh
Thankful your grace is limitless
I'm trying here to shed the depth of what's yet been said
Hear me father, it's been one week since my last confession

I renew myself within these walls
You're silent even when a demon calls

Listen father, I live a life of sin
Thankful you can bring me discipline
To re-imagine wringing his neck is my heroin

Forgive me father, I need a clean slate
Thankful for so many churches to alternate
I satiate, then obituate, then three hail marys to alleviate
Forgive me father, it's been one week since my last confession
Forgive me father, 'til next week with my next confession